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Cleaning Materials

We cannot think of passing a day without the hygienic protection by cleaning materials whatever it is hand wash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, dish wash, hand sanitizer, hand rub, glass cleaner, car wash or any other like these.
We are dedicated regarding providing you the best hygiene through our cleaning items considering the perfect hygienic function along with aristocracy where we confirm that, just to save money you never tolerate any rubbish quality for your children and family members. As we all know that you should, “Dream big to get success” like that we say that you should “Buy big to get savings”. While other companies are giving you mini pack at high rates. We provide large quantity of standard quality products at a very reasonable price.

Liquid Hand wash         Liquid Air Freshener         Hand Sanitizer         Hand Rub         Floor Cleaner  
Toilet Cleaner         Glass Cleaner         Dish Wash         Car Wash  

Glass Cleaner

5 liter @ 600tk only .


Aqua, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Ammonium Hydroxide, fragrance.


*First of all, it is the most economical.

*Strongly fights against all types of spot and germs on the glass.

*Make the glass surface look so glossy like new.

*Disinfect the germ very fast and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

*Sweet fragrance providing you charms.

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