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Important Notice about selection stages

We are to go through a compact selection process so that the best combination along
with achievement is found. The applicants are highly requested to realize the process
to assess themselves whether they are actually fit for the job or not. At the same time
our ultimate target is to find and filter out the candidates so that the company does not
get any suffering by appointing the wrong candidates. The entire selection process
is shown here:

1 . CV selection.
2 .Written test, viva voce then 2nd written test.
3 . Starting probationary period for 4 months.
    Salary: 10,000 tk + TA/DA: 200 tk + Mobile bill: 500 tk.

    1st month: Sale target - 12 sets – all items (3sets in the first week is a must).
    2nd month: Sale target - 15 sets – all items.
    3rd month: Sale target - 20 sets – all items.
    4th month: Sale target - 30 sets – all items.

4. Permanent status at the beginning of 5th month.
    Salary: 23,800 – 28,800 tk (as per sale)+ TA/DA: 200 tk, Mobile bill: 1,000 tk.
    Sale target - 45 sets – all items.

*Salary paying method: Account pay.

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